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Tenant’s Rights: When to Hire a Lawyer to Resolve Landlord Issues

A tenant-landlord relationship should be simple. The landlord provides a home for the tenant to live and the tenant pays a monthly rent.  However, certain circumstances may require legal intervention, typically due to a tenant’s safety or if legal rights have been compromised. If you are involved in an unresolved dispute with your landlord, you may need to hire a seasoned real estate attorney to ensure your interests are protected.  

You are Facing Eviction and Being Harassed.

If you fear an eviction notice is imminent, our real estate law firm can help defend the eviction and increase your chances of a successful outcome.  

Certain defenses may apply to your case including: 

  • The landlord did not adhere to the statutory procedures for eviction required by state and local law;
  • If the landlord attempted to lock you out, remove possessions, or cancel utilities;
  • The eviction was considered retaliatory;
  • The landlord is charging illegal fees & calling them rent;
  • You are being called names by your landlord, like ‘deadbeat’.

Know your rights. Call Own & Dunivan at (813) 252-0239 to handle your unresolved landlord disputes! 

Your Landlord Refuses to Make Necessary Repairs. 

A basic right of tenants is to live in habitable conditions.  This includes complying with housing codes & standards.

Therefore, even if it is not clearly defined in your lease, your landlord is obligated to maintain the rental property in a livable state. This includes maintaining a structurally sound building, providing heat and water, and ensuring the plumbing and electric work properly.  

If your landlord fails to live up to this obligation and make the necessary repairs, you have the right to withhold rent, pay less rent, or repair the issue yourself. Our attorneys are experienced in tenant-landlord law and will determine if state or local codes have been violated. Call Owen & Dunivan today to speak to a lawyer about the specifics of your case.  

You are Being Discriminated Against.

In accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the Federal Fair Housing Act Amendment Acts of 1988, discrimination based on protected categories (race, color, religion, national status, familial origin, age, sex, or disability) is illegal.  

All areas of the landlord-tenant agreement are covered by this anti-discrimination law, which includes: 

  • Advertising 
  • Standards for selecting tenants 
  • The terms and conditions of the lease 
  • Reasons for termination 

If discriminatory conduct in any of these areas has occurred, you can file a complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development or a state or local agency in HUD’s Fair Housing Assistance Program. In addition, you can contact a skilled real estate attorney to advise you on how to stop the discriminatory conduct and how to recover compensation for damages.  

Protecting Tenants Rights

With any landlord-tenant agreement, both sides should have a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities to avoid legal intervention. This includes knowing applicable federal and state laws and understanding the terms of their lease.

The experienced team of real estate attorneys at Owen & Dunivan can help litigate your real estate claims. Contact us today at (813) 252-0239 to schedule a free consultation.  

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  1. i need your help i am being harassed by my ex landlord saying i owe them for damages to there yard when this was cause by the neighbors dog , plus i told them about it and did nothing they told me it was and issues between neighbors and the tree that fell do to the hurricane i have a whole list of things they say i owe them i received it in the mail certified , i would like to come in for to be consulted on what to do next 813-294-1470 please call me to come in

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