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Solar Panel Fraud Complaints

Solar Panel Fraud through Impermissible Credit Pull and Solar Panel Company Financing

Recently been notified that your credit has had an inquiry that you don’t recognize. A number of consumers lately have been getting notified of an inquiry and are finding that a solar panel sales company has used their credit. In this recent example of solar panel fraud, this one notification can set in motion a number of potential claims which can help you in your fight with a solar panel company.

Impermissible Credit Pull?

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, it is improper to pull your credit information without your consent. Even in pulling your credit, it must be done for a permissible purpose. If you don’t authorize the credit inquiry, what on earth is a solar company doing in making an inquiry on your credit? The answer can be rather dubious – your information may have been used to qualify a third party you do not know for a solar panel system without your knowledge.

Improper Execution?

Oftentimes, a solar panel system is sold to a homeowner via a door-to-door sales technique. This salesperson will approach the consumer with an iPad or other tablet, they’ll go through a sales pitch, and then present the homeowner with a “document” to sign. In some instances, the tablet will show only an area for the consumer to sign. There will be no visible statements or portions of the contract visible to the consumer. The sales pitch is a $40,000 – $60,000 solar panel system, oftentimes financed through a third party, with complex legal implications that arise from technical areas of real estate and consumer law.

Some consumers are told that they are signing up to “receive more information” about a solar panel program with the government. In some forms, the consumer waives the right to a jury trial or agrees to arbitration. They weren’t told that they get 3 days to cancel the sale under Florida Law.

Deceptive Sales Pitch Solar Panel Fraud

Lastly, the sales pitch will explain that this new system will eliminate your electric bill, that it will give a number of tax-saving incentives, and that the consumer will be protecting the environment. Sadly, some of those representations may never come true. More and more consumers are finding that these representations were not true. The system gives no meaningful reduction in the electric bill, the tax incentives do not offset the costs, and has only increased energy costs.

If you are experiencing these issues, I’m a phone call away – 813.252.0239.

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  1. Good morning, my name is Monica Burwick. My husband and I were scamed by a Solar Panels Company called SUNWAVE ENERGY LLC, located in Orlando, Florida. We are looking for an attorney that can help to us in this matter. Our electricity bill has duplicated, we don’t going to receive a check for 16000$ by IRS for offset the debt, and the insurance company doesn’t cover the panels. We need help, please.

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