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Partition Lawsuit

a home is typically the subject of a partition lawsuit
A home is a typical subject of a partition lawsuit.

If you own a property with someone else, you might have heard of something called a “partition lawsuit.” But what exactly is that? Let me explain in simple terms.

What is a Partition Lawsuit?

A partition lawsuit is when one co-owner of a property asks the court to divide up the ownership. This could mean physically splitting up the property itself. Or it could mean selling the whole property and dividing up the money from the sale. Co-owners might want to file a partition lawsuit if they can’t agree on what to do with the shared property anymore. Maybe one owner wants to sell but the other doesn’t. Or maybe they just can’t make joint decisions about maintaining and paying for the property.

Who can file a Partition Lawsuit?

Any co-owner of a property can file for partition in Florida. This includes co-owners of homes, land, businesses with real estate holdings, and other types of real estate. As long as you are a legal co-owner listed on the deed or title, you have the right to seek partition.

Why would you need a lawyer in a Partition Lawsuit?

Partition lawsuits can get complicated, especially when there is a disagreement between the co-owners. That’s why it’s a really good idea to have an experienced real estate lawyer representing you.

A lawyer can explain all your rights and options for partition under Florida law. They can try to negotiate an agreement with the other co-owners first, before going to court. And if it does end up going to court, your lawyer will make sure your interests are fully protected through every step of the legal process.

Going through a partition case without a lawyer would be very difficult. Your lawyer is your advocate to make sure you get your fair share of the property’s value, whether through sale proceeds or physically dividing the real estate itself. Additionally, a lawyer can help make it clear to the opposing parties (and judge) what your contribution to the asset in fact, was.

Let’s connect!

If you are dealing with co-ownership of a property in Florida and potentially need to pursue partition, I would be happy to discuss your specific situation. Having an experienced partition attorney on your side can make a huge difference in the outcome. Reach out today for a consultation to learn more about how I can help.