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Buyer Representation

In today’s real estate market a buyer is generally unprotected in the purchase of real property. A part of my practice focuses on Buyer Representation where I try to protect them from any possibility

As a buyer’s attorney, I strive to make sure my clients understand all parts of their purchase. From explaining title insurance to reviewing surveys my buyer representation is aimed at putting them at ease. Purchasing real estate, whether commercial or residential, is one of the biggest investments a buyer can enter into. Protecting that investment is the key to a solid foundation going forward. The proper information could lessen risk or simply help you feel at ease during the transaction.

A key to this is understanding how all the pieces work together. Knowing what the survey means to the buyer, how to interpret an inspection, or what the title insurance discloses could make the difference between a bad deal and a good one. An attorney offering Buyer Representation has to be versatile. The attorney may have to explain that the deal may have to fail if the client is not adequately protected. This may require delaying the sale to clear a title report. It may involve threatening litigation for a failure to disclose a problem with the property.

Knowing how to protect a buyer is not easy. It is totally different from representing the seller. In a typical sale, the buyer is the one performing inspections and doing due diligence. They have timelines to apply for loans and if they miss a deadline may surrender their deposit and lose the sale. The seller on the other hand just waits until the closing for the most part. This can be extremely frustrating for a buyer and having buyer representation is often what helps a buyer stay sane during this process.

If you are a buyer in a real estate transaction that is looking for a local attorney to review your documents and contracts, please feel free to contact my office. I offer a low, fixed fee to review your closing documents and am available to sit at the closing table with you as well.