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Real Estate

A Real Estate Attorney could save you from a nightmare.

As a real estate attorney in Tampa, Florida, I see the purchase of real property for what it is – a risk for the buyer and a chance to make a pretty decent amount of money (in a healthy market) for the seller. That being said, there are a litany of issues that could turn a real estate purchase from a great deal to a nightmare. The first step to protecting yourself in a real estate sale or purchase is contacting a licensed real estate attorney.

At my firm we offer many real estate related services. This can include reviewing a real estate purchase contract for a seller or buyer, providing title insurance and closing services, or handling title claims as they arise after closing. Regardless of the issue, my firm is designed to be a full service real estate litigation firm. As a real estate attorney, I pride myself on my court room experience. This can be invaluable when reviewing your contract. It allows you to see if you are protected and can help identify what potential risks you may face down the line.

A Real Estate Attorney is not required for your transaction…but I highly recommend it

I’ve always recommended having a real estate attorney involved in your transaction. Whether it is buying or selling real estate – knowing the process, the local rules, customs, and pitfalls  will definitely come in handy. For example, did you know that title insurance rates are promulgated (i.e., set by statute)? Did you know that as a buyer, generally your closing fees must be disclosed to you by your title company prior to your purchase? That if there is a cloud on your title, you can bring a quiet title action to clear that title and make it marketable?

If you are buying or selling real property in Tampa, Florida, understanding your rights and obligations under your purchase contract is the first step.

I pride myself on helping buyers and sellers make informed choices. We help people buying or selling either commercial property or residential property in Tampa. If you have a contract that you would like to have reviewed, I offer a flat-rate, fixed fee approach based on the length of the document that is designed to be as affordable as it is helpful. Call me today to schedule a in-person consultation at my Brandon, Florida office, or a teleconference!