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Hillsborough County Has Highest Foreclosure Rate in Florida

According to a recent news article, Florida led the nation in foreclosures for 2012. This, sadly, hasn’t changed – Hillsborough County still has the highest foreclosure rate in the state. While this may be unnerving to some, it is worth noting that the foreclosure dockets throughout the state are finally starting to work efficiently.

Many homeowners have seen their cases languish in the court system – frustrating their mitigation options and causing reinstatement figures to sky rocket.  There are many options for those being served with foreclosure papers due to the high foreclosure rate that were simply not  available to borrowers a few years ago, such as the  Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program.

There is also more case law defining key foreclosure defenses that are used by litigators everyday. Whether it deals with bad assignments of a mortgage, improper endorsements on a note, or an improper verification under the rules of civil procedure  the courts are now deciding these issues.

There have been some other additions to the scenario – such as magistrates hearing foreclosure cases throughout the state.  There have also been significant modifications to the HAMP Program – a government program designed to get struggling home owners into “lower payments”.

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