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Frontier Communication Billing Issue – Can you sue?

Verizon Fios has become Frontier Communication, and it’s causing consumers a lot of headaches.

For years, Verizon Fios was a service that Floridians relied on every day for their internet, television, and telephone. Recently, a new company purchased this service – Frontier – and took over providing service and billing. Frontier’s billing practices have been the subject of many articles showing what issues they have caused. As a consumer protection attorney in Florida, I have been asked if there are grounds for a lawsuit, and have been researching possibilities. If you have been affected by a Frontier Communication billing issue, we are available for a consultation.

Can Floridians Sue Frontier or other new service providers?

It depends. There may be a way that Frontier Communications, or a similarly situated company, is arguably liable to consumers. Under the Florida Consumer Collections Practices Act, it is a violation for a person to “[c]laim, attempt, or threaten to enforce a debt when such person knows that the debt is not legitimate, or assert the existence of some other legal right when such person knows that the right does not exist.” Fla. Stat. 559.72(9). Many people find that this is vague and hard to understand. Basically, in attempting to collect a consumer debt – a personal, family, or household debt – there has to be a legal right to the money. Companies that have taken over consumer accounts arguably run into some issues when it comes to their billing practices.

A resident of Florida that was only paying for internet with Verizon may be the easiest example. That person is only using one of multiple different services that Verizon may have offered. Now, generally there is a contract to that service. After the account is transferred to the new provider, the contract should have transferred with the same details that Verizon had. In some instances, this contract was not properly transferred over and the consumer may be charged for more services than they had agreed to pay for (e.g., internet and cable).

More issues may arise if the billing changed after an account was already late or delinquent and may open up more possibilities of suit. The state version of this statute allows for actual damages (if you paid the wrong bill), statutory damages (up to $1,000), and attorney’s fees and costs.

What about a Frontier Class Action?

Honestly, there may be some pending at this time given the scrutiny that has come their way from the State of Florida. In an effort to help Florida Consumers, my firm is speaking to those affected to try to determine the best options for them, some of which may be litigation.

If you are fighting with Frontier over billing and service related issues, call my office at 813.252.0239.

23 thoughts on “Frontier Communication Billing Issue – Can you sue?”

  1. I was charge $159.00 early termination fee when upgrading my internet. I have called them many times over the past 2 months. And no one will correct this problem. I would cancel Frontier but the tell me they will charge me an early termination fee, which will make 2 charges if I decide to cancel. What can I do???

  2. For months, I have tried to correct my billing with Frontier. In October of this year, I contacted a retention representative of Frontier, who gave me his name as Brett phone 1-877-433-3806 x 1680. I explained that my promotions with Verizon were going to expire in November, 2016. I wanted to know what my new bill would be. He quoted me a price of $116.89 for a re-bundle package and advised me that I would retain all the channels I had plus receive additional channels, in their “ultimate” package! The next day – I was without Showtime, Starz, Encore, etc. and the message on my answering machine was replaced with a mechanical message that asked callers to enter my phone number and press a button if they were customers of Frontier! Not rocket science – they were using my phone number to canvass customers who were not Frontier clients. Also, when you pushed the button that you were a Frontier client, the phone hung up! Therefore, no messages left at all! I can tell you the names and ID numnbers of several (maybe 20 – 25) “representatives” of Frontier who worked on this problem! And, to this date, my account is being over charged and no seems to care!

    What Brett did to screw up my account is unbelievable! I have spoken with Frontier “reps” retention people and tonight I was cut off twice and the number they switched me to was not available! I want to know how many hundreds of hours do I have to spend to get this straightened out! Hours where I was on the phone 2 – 3 – 4am in the morning – just to speak to someone who could help! As of tonight – I am going to pay the last bill quoted to me – the present bill is over $100.00 more than the quote and I want them to sue me before I sue them!

    1. Change the names and dates and our story about Frontier and their fraudulent billing practices is the same as Tanya.

  3. I am fighting with them over a $1200.00 bill my services did not work since the take over of Frontier I have filled numerous complaints better business bureau FCC attorney general florida and nothing is getting done this is over 6 months old who can help ?? Anyone retained an attorney ???

  4. I had services from Verizon until the tookover of Frontier.Frontier did not billed me for months til December, but added all the other months that they missed and won’t accept payments. My bill was supposed to be 79.99 monthly, but last December it was 621.88. Can I sue or do I have to suck it up.

  5. Me tooo! I’m Stressing over their dishonesty, lies, deceit and Fraud! My Verizon bill $122.00 for 2 years, in Oct 2016 Frontier took over and and received a bill for $547.00. Calling them to get it straightened out is a nightmare. They lied to me and I have times, dates and names of who I spoke with and I Know their calls are recorded. I was able to get something in writing from their client retention Dept. stating my monthly bill would be $113.98 plus taxes and they would credit me back unauthorized charges of $417.23. My bills since then have come in at $325.00 Nov. $360.00 Dec. and $260.00 Jan. They are refusing to approve and outstanding Unauthorized charge of $206.00 and demanding I pay this bill of $260.00(which is double what my bill should be) ….or else! I have A+ credit and they are threatening to ruin that. This situation is causing me depression and stress and I’m fearful to not meet their demands because they can ruin my stellar credit:-(… What they are doing is illegal and they need to be stopped….

  6. Forged promissory note by Citimortgage
    Akerman Llc, prosecuting foreclosure
    Miami Dade County
    Other forgeries
    Miami Dade Judge doesn’t care there are forgeries on Citimortgage documents
    Handwriting forensic report shows it’s forged
    Atty. Heller from Akerman has yet to tell the Court that those documents are forged “candor towards the tribunal” per Florida Bar is being ignored.
    I filed police report, FBI complaint, Fla. Atty. Grl. Complaint but nobody cares.
    Where is JUSTICE in America to be found when it comes to the Banksters?
    Certainly not in Miami Dade or the Third DCA.

  7. How do we find out if there is a class action lawsuit, for Frontier? It only takes a few people and it appears that there are hundreds with issues?

  8. Verizon always corrected their billing mistakes as immediately ; not so with Frontier . Frontier would say they would issue credits for their billing mistakes but they would be denied. It is a long story but in a nutshell as a snowbird restarting my 3 services in late Dec. No bill in Jan. Bill in Feb for over $800 through to Mar. 12.for a quoted $129 all in price per month. Have called and received verbal credits That were denied. No bill in April.
    They do not seem to want your business . Have sent them $450 and put the service on vacation on Apr.5 and headed north. I expect a bill that will not be pleasant or healthy to deal with.

  9. I’m fighting them now currently. I have taken notes, screen shots and have gone thru at least 5 reps. My plan was upgraded without my consent to 500/500, wrong product (OnHub) was mailed to me when I requested a booster (smart mesh) at the time they told me via chat and vocally it was $145 promotion, bill arrived last week and they ordered wrong product and charged me $199.98 and they rep upgraded me plan without my approval causing me bill to go to $431.22. They finally sent the return mailer yesterday and it’s the wrong size box. They sent out a technician and he found that when i originally upgraded from 150/150 to 300/300 3 months ago that I was never receiving it because they didn’t send a technician then and I was paying for upgraded service I wasn’t receiving. Now they say they owe me a credit of $252 which I know is still not correct but they are not account for the additional 12 days they are making me pay on the 31st for $174.74. It’s a mess. I have been on the phone or chat messaging with them everyday day since last Friday. They are now telling me I have to wait up to 60 days to see if I’m even approved for a refund and my account it be fixed… A rep had the nerve to tell me I should pay the incorrect amount they bill me last Friday, noo that means they would owe me even more money back. WTF. There needs to be a lawsuit in California as well.

  10. We purchased Frontier at the beginning of this year under an agreement of a package which included 100/100mbit internet speeds. The install location was previously equipped with frontier. After dealing with constant slow speeds one day after the initial install, I contacted their tech support. After another week of slow speeds I determined that this company sold us and charged us for a package however intentionally provisioned our network for a slower speed due to our previously installed hardware not being compatible. After I once again called them they quickly responded back out and changed the ONT and router. The bothersome part is that they knew our hardware was not compatible when they intentionally lowered our speed due to the lack of compatibility. I’d be glad to explain further how I know the above to be factual.

  11. Cancelled Frontier Internet Service July 7th, 2017 after two years of service. During the service i was enrolled in auto pay. My card was charged for service for the full month of July on July 25th, after service was cancelled. I called and they indicated that they owe me $54.74 but will not return the money until after a couple additional billing cycles. Any recourse?

  12. Frontier communications has caused me many problem. Their internet services never worked for me properly so in July of this year I really got fed up and went to verzion. After paying frontier’s last bill I received a bill saying I owed 1,658.00 for a oral contract. I asked them to let me hear that. They said it would take several days to pull it up. Then 3 days later frontier call saying they apologize I did not have a contract and my bill would be zero. Then just today they called again to let me know they would only take off 1,028.00. Bringing my balanced owed to $628.00. What can I do about this!!,,,

  13. Frontier cancelled my service a month early and when I tried to have my service turned back on because of their error they opened a new account under my name and address and billed it without my knowledge. I made all remaining payments on my original account until the service was truly cancelled and now I am still getting billed for an account that I did not create, under my name, with the same services that I already paid for. Could this be worthy of a lawsuit?

  14. I recently got connection from frontier in last week on Thursday its been 5 days and I got bill. By looking at bill i got surprised. They changed me $80. That includes router fees. When I called sales people they told me that you dont required router and now customer care are saying router is necessary for our services. Also while cancellation of services they again charged me $100 early closure penalty. I told them you guys are charging high amount to customer and then again charging penalty as well. This is a harassment.
    I have been with spectrum and I did not face this issue at all. I really wanted to sue this people so that they won’t commit anything to customer.
    I also leave voice message on above phone no.
    Please reach out to me. on my email id or to my phone no.

  15. Ok. Here is my story for frontier communications. I had purchased a new residence and asked frontier to disconnect services at my old residence and connect service at my new residence, this was planned for August 28th 2016, I called to make sure they were coming and they said yes. Someone came and looked at the work that had to be done and said they would be back later, no one ever came back or called. I called frontier on 9/16 and told them no one ever showed up or called and I no longer wanted their services. Sandra said she would take care of it. I had gotten a call from a David stating I owed money and I explained what had happened of course it fell on deaf ears. I called his supervisor Shaina at 1-877-677-0740 and left a message, got no reply. on 7/3/17 I got a collection notice. I called frontier again and got a Lawrence Pierre on the phone and again he stated I owed the money. Come to find out they left the service on at my old address 7411 Parott Drive Port Richey and who ever moved in was using the services and they were charging me for it. I got hung up on after that and called back and I got a Kevin on the phone, saying he would take care of it. Was not done and sold to a private collections. Tried calling them, disputing with the credit agency. Nothing. Any help you could give me please


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