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Collins Asset Group, LLC – Lawsuits and Debt Collection Attempts

We’ve been receiving a lot of calls from consumers that are seeing Collins Asset Group, LLC on documents that have been sent to them or their credit report

As part of my mission to help consumers, I try to spot the recent trends and help folks make sense of what they may be seeing on their credit report, in the mail, or are being given by process servers. Recently, we’ve seen a huge uptick in debt collection attempts by an outfit named Collins Asset Group, LLC. We’ve seen a few different scenarios popping up regarding this entity.

Served in a Lawsuit by Collins Asset Group, LLC

Starting with what is generally the most obvious attempt to collect a debt from Collins Asset Group, you may be served with a law suit. This seems to be pretty typical, with the entity buying notes and taking over final judgments of foreclosure (possibly to pursue deficiency judgments). Generally, you have 20 days to answer the complaint – this is a pivotal step in the case. By purchasing Notes, Collins Asset Group will have to prove their standing to sue – if they don’t, it can be a disaster for them. The hard part though, is that proper defenses must be raised in that answer. If you leave something out, you can potentially waive that defense (e.g., never borrowing money from them, the statute of limitations, etc.).

If you were just served with a Collins Asset Group complaint, many firms (including mine) offer a free consultation. You can either call my office or book with me online to speak with me.

Receiving collection letters from Collins Asset Group, LLC

We’ve been seeing an increase in debt collection letters from Collins Asset Group too. A lot of times, Collins Asset Group is indicating that they have just purchased the right to collect the debt. These letters can be a gold mine for potential issues. What we are seeing are various debt collection violations – things that seem innocuous unless the reader knows the law and what they are trying to do. Sometimes they do not disclose their ability to collect. At times, they may not even tell you that the debt may be time barred. If you know what you are looking for, you may find violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the Florida Consumer Collections Practices Act. I’ve dedicated a large part of my career to spotting these issues. If they exist, you may have the ability to countersue or attempt to have them correct these issues.

If you are receiving letters from Collins Asset Group, and would like them reviewed for these issues, meeting with an attorney should be done very quickly. These statutes generally have very short time periods available to bring your claims. Once you miss them, they are generally gone. Generally, most folks wait until months after receiving notices to speak to an attorney, by the time we discover this information, the time to do something about it has passed. If you’d like to know what, if any, potential statute violations are in materials you receive, feel free to either call my office or book with me online to speak with me.

If you are receiving letters from the Collins Asset Group or have been served in a lawsuit by them, you need to know your rights. I offer a consultation to go over your options so that you know what to expect.

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  1. I had paid this company the Mariner Finance North Carolina,INC a couple of years ago through this person: Ms. Sharon Terrell and her phone number is: (443) 461-0642 of $75.00 I believe every two weeks and it was paid up. My confirmation number is 9324055 i’ve Called this person many many times and left multiple messages and no answer. Now I’m getting billed for a bill that’s been paid in FULL. Please check this out for me, I want to get this off of my credit report immediately as well as stop the phone call and the letters coming to my home. I had spoke to George Sims and made the another payment of $76.02 on 08/01/2019

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