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Bryant H. Dunivan Jr., Esq.

Using leverage to create positive outcomes, statewide.

Bryant Dunivan Jr. is a consumer defense attorney, I represent clients with a variety of goals – some want to save their home, others want to avoid a money judgment, some want their day in court, and some just want to know the options. Give me a call at 813.252.0239, set up an appointment online, or fill out my contact form.

How am I different?

Foreclosure Defense

I meet with homeowners that are facing foreclosure almost daily. I defend foreclosure lawsuits throughout the state of Florida that have been filed by banks, Homeowner’s Associations (HOA), and Condominium Associations. If you have recently been served by the bank, I offer a free consultation to discuss your options..

Real Estate

As a real estate attorney in Tampa, Florida, I see the purchase of real property for what it is – a risk for the buyer and a chance to make a pretty decent amount of money (in a healthy market) for the seller. That being said, there are a litany of issues that could turn a real estate purchase from a great deal to a nightmare. The first step to protecting yourself in a real estate sale or purchase is contacting a licensed real estate attorney.

Consumer Protection

I represent individuals that are being hounded and harassed by debt collectors. This can occur through phone calls (even made to a cell phone), e-mail, or US Mail. If you are being harassed by creditors, or if a creditor has charged you for services that you did not ask for or are not being provided, I offer a free consultation to discuss the creditors collection activities and determine if a cause of action exists.


Case Experience

Bryant Dunivan has been litigating real estate and consumer laws in the state of Florida for 8 years. This includes experience in both State and Federal Court. Bryant has been admitted, or is authorized to practice, in the following jurisdictions:
State of Florida (Fla. Bar. No.: 102594)
State of Michigan (P85206)
Middle District of Florida (Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers federal courts)
Western District of Michigan (Grand Rapids, Lansing federal courts)
Northern District of Indiana


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