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Do you need a Consumer and Real Estate Attorney in Florida or Michigan?

Practice Areas

Solar Panels

I meet with homeowner’s that have been approached by door-to-door sales persons and sold a solar panel system through false representations and bad business practices, including not showing the homeowner the contract, signing the contract for the consumer, and not disclosing the loan terms.

Real Estate

The purchase of real property is a risk for the buyer and a chance to make a profit (in a healthy market) for the seller. There are a number of issues that could turn a real estate purchase from a dream to a nightmare. I help navigate the process.

Consumer Protection

I represent individuals that are being hounded and harassed by debt collectors. This can occur through phone calls (even made to a cell phone), e-mail, or US Mail. If you are being harassed by creditors, or if a creditor has charged you for services that you did not ask for or are not being provided, I can discuss the creditors collection activities and determine if a cause of action exists.

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What clients say

I don’t have enough wonderful words and praises for Bryant Dunivan
Succinctly put, Braynt Dunivan has saved me from financial ruin. Not only was he copiously knowledgeable and skilled to accomplish this result, Bryant was also exceptionally kind, extremely compassionate and very patient with me during the entire process. Whenever I spoke with Bryant, I felt that he was treating me the same as he would be treating a loving member of his own immediate family . Bryant’s overall understanding of his law specialty along with his wisdom is abundant, and he uses both of them wisely. Of all the attorney’s I’ve hired during my life, Bryant is head and shoulders above the rest in his field of expertise in every possible way. Needless to say, you are indeed fortunate if Bryan Dunivan takes on your case.


I thought my foreclosure was behind me, especially since I was never served the original summons. Unfortunately, a bottom feeder purchased the debt and tried to collect on it. Bryant to the rescue!!! The debt collector was forced to admit they were in the wrong and dropped the case. His office is great to deal with and their communication with me was always available. I highly recommend him.


Ugh these Yelp reviews are impossible… This is my final review five stars it was a roller coaster and given the odds of what we were up against I’m impressed that Bryant knew when to play our cards… he believed me and took my case when others wouldn’t.  Calmer heads prevailed and a fair settlement was reached.  I would like to we sleighed  the beast but given the option I would take back the two years of my life that this giant corporation with expensive law firms fought me tooth and nail.  Thanks Bryant for sticking it through!  It wasn’t revenge or justice I got in the end… I got my life back and that’s all I wanted.


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